Shake Your Soul® is a dynamic dance experience that transforms and heals. Both a health practice and a spiritual practice, it awakens your sense of joy, freedom, grace, strength, and vitality.

Rediscover your instinct to move and dance with soul and passion! SYS includes very simple, easy to follow moves influenced by different movement forms set to highly inspirational world music, which calm your nervous system, energize your body and elevate your spirit.

Classes Start on Sunday September 15th, 1-1:30PM, @SITI Company

520 Eighth Avenue Suite 310, 3rd floor, Manhattan (btw 36th & 37th St.).

Shake Your Soul

$1 for the first class

Ready to experience Shake Your Soul®?

For less than a cup of coffee, you'll experience transformation and healing all while getting your exercise on.

I promise that this is something you've never experienced before.

Are you ready to Shake Your Soul®?

As a new Shake Your Soul® student, I would like to offer you a special $1 trial for your first class. This offer is exclusive to you and it's available for a limited time. So sign up now.


This is a wonderful way to move and dance with different rhythms and music; to feel so energized and alive; to mindfully connect with others but also to re-connect with your own soul's joy. I plan to keep inviting my friends to come with me to the classes.

Olga Nikolic-Litwin