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This is what some of my students had to say...

"This class is amazing for my mental and physical health. It makes me feel alive, relaxed, happy, connected, powerful, sexy, and worthy. It’s amazing how just one class can do all of THAT!" - Caitlin Stewart

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"Odelia is a masterful teacher devoted to the work that lies within her passions." - Shiri Redensky

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"Odelia’s classes are taught with skill, insight and depth. Compassion is felt throughout, allowing us to delve into ourselves and move therapeutically." - Kristan Gallo-Bridges

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"Odelia’s ‘Shake Your Soul’ classes are awesome! Her music, movement + creative touch make for a perfect combination + I leave feeling so much joy!" - Lisa Anastas

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"What a wonderful class. Odelia makes everyone feel welcome!" - Kathy Ross

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"Odelia is a very kind and caring teacher who puts her heart into teaching the class. As a result it was a wonderful and heart-opening experience for me." - Stacey Cohen

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"Love Odelia's Shake Your Soul class! It's s so much fun and such a great workout. Everyone is lovely and the time just flies by." - Margaret Blackler

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"I absolutely loved Odelia's class! I'll be back for more, as often as possible." - Christine Malossi

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"Shake your Soul class is an energizing hour. Odelia helps me to get in touch with my body and how it moves. The class is non-judgmental. A wonderful opportunity to let it go to awesome music." - Amy Raiss

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