SYS Class


Classes Start on Sunday September 15th, 1-1:30PM, @SITI Company

520 Eighth Avenue Suite 310, 3rd floor, Manhattan (btw 36th & 37th St.).

Are you ready to Shake Your Soul®?

Shake Your Soul® is spiritual fitness at its best. Our weekly classes are designed to nourish the soul, while exercising the body, to healing rhythms and spirited music from around the globe. Simple, easy to follow moves are born from eclectic movement forms like Yoga, Qi Kung, Body-Mind Centering, Modern dance, African dance, Latin dance, and Creative dance.


Shake Your Soul® is a dynamic dance experience that transforms and heals. Both a health practice and a spiritual practice, it awakens your sense of joy, freedom, grace, strength, and vitality. With a strong foundation in anatomy, somatics, and developmental movement, SYS can calm your nervous system, energize your body, and elevate your spirit. It also allows you to connect to your own movement instincts and engage in creative expression in a safe, enlivened environment.

Find the perfect plan for you.

We offer different pricing structure for your convenience

Pay By Class


Convenient Only pay for the class you attend
No Commitment to attend weekly or monthly

Pay By Month


Convenient Only pay for the month you attend
No Commitment to attend the next month

Recurring Monthly


Convenient For those who want to make a weekly commitment to their health and soul nourishment
Convenient You never have to worry if you paid for the month, you just show up to class!

What our students are saying...

"This class is amazing for my mental and physical health. It makes me feel alive, relaxed, happy, connected, powerful, sexy, and worthy. It’s amazing how just one class can do all of THAT!" 

- Caitlin Stewart

"Odelia is a very kind and caring teacher who puts her heart into teaching the class. As a result it was a wonderful and heart-opening experience for me." 

- Stacey Cohen

"Shake your Soul class is an energizing hour. Odelia helps me to get in touch with my body and how it moves. The class is non-judgmental. A wonderful opportunity to let it go to awesome music." 

- Amy Raiss