This practice listens to the body and gives it permission to speak its truth through movement. I act as a witness to your story, in an atmosphere of radical acceptance. This work connects to places in the body that need support, and invites our inherent intelligence to foster deep healing.  

This practice is for anyone craving emotional and spiritual growth through a body-based, organic, and intuitive process. We will look critically at thoughts and behaviors that no longer serve you, uncovering the deeper causes of these patterns, and physically releasing the tension they create in the body. It is a practice of liberation.

Our highly developed intellectual mind can often get in the way of  healing from early wounds  and traumatic experiences. It can distract us from authentically feeling the original experience viscerally, which is necessary for true healing. Working through the body can give us direct access to information that is not as readily available from the conscious mind. 

The work is challenging, joyful, painful, playful, and cathartic. The goal is to leave with a sense of relief, lightness and to let go of old behavioral and postural patterns that have been holding us back. There are so many more possibilities for us than we can imagine.