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Making magic

I’m totally in the business of figuring out how to manifest what I want now. I’m definitely no expert here but I heard it works so I’m determined to try it out. My research brought me to this article: 7 Steps to Manifest Anything You Want In summery the steps are: “1.Get clear on what you…

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Right brain dancing

Have you ever felt that when you’re trying really hard to learn some movement it’s just not happening for you but if you decide to not think about it in your head, your body takes over and just knows what to do? I get to take a lot of technique dance classes these days as…

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Yes, but who cares?

An immediate burst of nervous laughter from deep down inside came following the question “Yes, but who cares?”. That was what I asked my friend and myself as she was listening to me report on the progress of my dance piece and celebrate the fact that it was complete and ready to be shared. It…

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Despair not!

Thank god for art! I just saw a new movie called “Tomorrow Ever After”. It’s about a woman accidentally landing in our time period, coming from the future, from an era when people have evolved as a society to a higher developmental stage where oppression is eliminated and much of their socially inflicted suffering is…

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Why Art

“The Artist’s task is to save the soul of mankind anything less is a dithering while Rome burns”, Terrence McKenna. My new dance piece is still a work in progress but I’m very pleased with what I came up with so far, with what came out of my own mind. I can’t say it’s a…

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When in Doubt

Doubts. Do you have them? I have a lot. Up until now I’ve dealt with them mostly in my familiar,  unaware way which is to give in to them, to believe their message. I’m noticing that it’s happening less often these days. It’s not that I have less doubts but I’m more able to see…

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My Big Secret

I totally surprised myself at the end of class yesterday! I was inspired to invite everyone to share something that they feel pleased with about themselves. When it seemed people were hesitant about sharing, I shared that I decided to do something that feels really big and scary: I’m going back to school for a…

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We Are All In This Together

A group of people from 5 different continents coming together to heal from war. The basic idea is to tell our stories answering the question: how has your life been affected by war? We’re instructed to listen only. The listening allows the healing to begin. Each of us has a different story but the underlying…

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Can’t Stay

Class is staring in 20 minutes. Everything is ready but I feel like there’s no oxygen in my lungs. There’s no way that I can teach. There’s nothing for me to give. I make myself sit down on a chair. I guide myself to feel the ground under my feet and connect to my breath.…

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Dare to Care

I sometimes feel like I don’t care. I feel awful about it and it’s in total contrast to the way I’d like to perceive myself. I’d like to think I’m a caring person. Part of me knows that it can’t be true that I don’t care. This is where what I believe doesn’t always match…

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