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I just completed another step in my self imposed learning journey, a step called Viewpoints. There’s so much to unpack. I mainly experienced great awe watching one group of people after another improvise with a specific set of rules and with an overarching intention to take care of the common space. All the focus and intention…

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Transcending “either or” Dilemmas

Do you ever feel like you have only two opposite options in various situations in your life and then you realize somehow that in fact it doesn’t have to be either or? When I went into my Authentic Movement training that just ended yesterday, I noticed that had a lot of ideas or questions, as often…

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Mindful Driving

Don’t have time to meditate? No sweat! Here’s something you can do instead. Like many of you, I spend a long time in the car. As part of my resolve to lead a more intentional life and my deep interest in somatic practices (practices that integrate body and mind) I decided I’m going to dedicate…

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Jumping off an airplane without a parachute and choosing to enjoy the ride

Those of you who have been paying attention to my journey might know that I am on a quest to define and understand the relationship between mind and body for myself. This is what is motivating me in my newly launched individualized continuing study program called “Somatics, Improvisation and Embodied Pedagogy”. It’s great fun because…

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You are trying too hard!

They say that you can’t escape from yourself but there’s also something about being away and leaving your routine completely behind that can provide a fresh perspective on your life and motivate you to do things differently. I’m definitely feeling inspired and full of creative energy to embark in some new adventures, which also happen…

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Ride The Wave

Question:  how can we transform and heal through dance? How can we move in a way that feels nourishing rather than depleting (like you might feel after taking certain dance/exercise classes)? Try this: put on a piece of music that has real soul in it. It doesn’t have to be fast. In fact it might…

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It’s time to say goodbye. Too many of those. To the point where it’s hard to care. It would be very easy to brush it aside but something inside tells me that this one could be a golden opportunity to notice something. What is there to notice? So many things: our connection, what a difference…

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When In Doubt II

What follows is a commentary on the creative process around  my latest piece “When In Doubt” which you can watch me preform here: https://youtu.be/TZ34SBrtRxs General description: This is a personal piece that deals with the topic of doubt. It was created around my application process to a dance program and it describes the transformative journey that…

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What’s the point?

Excuse me if I’m being too philosophical but do you ever ask yourself what you’re here for? I know you need to come up with your own answers but I’ll share that I’m finding a lot of satisfaction these days in noticing how my consciousness is expanding through living my everyday life and coming up…

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The Gift

I was given a life changing gift from a student and a friend (you know who you are!) and I thought sharing the resulted transformation would be a nice way of paying it forward. The gift is a set of ideas that I’ve been experimenting with and it starts with the simple cliché of “seeing…

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