Freedom and ease in times of struggle

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I’m sure you’d agree with me that transformation is a great idea in theory but how do we  inspire transformation on a practical level? Well, one place to start is on the body-mind level. We have something inside of us that is the epitome of transformation: fluids.In fact, it makes up a very large percent of our weight (%60-%70). Our body fluids are an expression of water and water is about transformation because it’s always moving and changing yet it’s essence always stays the same.
So what is more fitting than starting our weekly movement ritual on the floor, connecting to our fluid nature?
We start on the floor by gently rolling our heads from side to side, contemplating the idea of our body being a container, as well as having contents and imagining shifting the contents inside the container of our heads towards gravity as if it was a water balloon being poured from one hand to another. We then proceed to moving different parts of our body with this pouring sensibility, shifting our relationship with the earth and even changing levels all the whilst staying connected to the fluid nature of our being. This seems to  allow for greater mobility in places that feel stuck and creates the conditions for this mobility to happen with great ease, almost as if it was happening on it’s own, rather than muscling things through.
I gather we can all use experiencing sense of freedom and ease in these times of struggle and strife, don’t you think? 

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