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Body Part Conversations

When I first started taking improvisation classes I wasn’t sure I understood why there’s a warm-up part to the class. I mean why do I need to warm if all I’m doing is making up stuff anyway? As my understanding of improvisation developed I realized that, asides from warming up the physical body so I…

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Re-writing your story

Before I get into this week’s thoughts, just a quick note that last week’s playlist for Mindful Dancing is waiting for you at the end of this email. Even though oppression has been around forever the results of it seem to be apparent now more than ever. For me, dealing with the effects of oppression has been a lifelong journey.  I used…

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Just listen

Somebody I know made a protest sign that says: “Black communities have plans. Let’s listen” and I thought that was one of the more intelligent signs I’ve seen. What is more important these days and what is more powerful and healing than listening? Listening is what we do to create a feeling of safety, to show support and respect,…

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Freedom and ease in times of struggle

I’m sure you’d agree with me that transformation is a great idea in theory but how do we  inspire transformation on a practical level? Well, one place to start is on the body-mind level. We have something inside of us that is the epitome of transformation: fluids.In fact, it makes up a very large percent…

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