Transcending “either or” Dilemmas

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Do you ever feel like you have only two opposite options in various situations in your life and then you realize somehow that in fact it doesn’t have to be either or? 
When I went into my Authentic Movement training that just ended yesterday, I noticed that had a lot of ideas or questions, as often happens when I’m trying to figure out something new, about how things “should” be done. 
As the days of this training went by I learned more and more that these kind of self imposed decisions that I “need” to make and the tension that results from them are exactly what this type of practice helps bring relief to. 
One of the many treasures that I’m taking away is that transcending the questions of “either/or” that I so often play out in my mind and that often color the way I see so many things in my life, is not a linear process. 
It turns out that I can’t actually solve these questions with my intellect. That there’s a way to arrive to a “both and” possibility, which allows for what seems like two opposite ends to coexist. This can only come from engaging and cultivating practices that involve what Jung calls Active Imagination, practices such as Contemplative Dance and other forms of expressive arts. When one is engaged in these kinds of creative activities an image can arise that is capable of connecting between the “either” and the “or” or the “black” and the “white” or the “good” and the “bad” etc. The image is the connector and conjuring up images is not a linear process. 
Being able to live in this space of “both and” more is what I wish for myself because I know it will allow me to experience more of my whole self.

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