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What’s the point?

Excuse me if I’m being too philosophical but do you ever ask yourself what you’re here for? I know you need to come up with your own answers but I’ll share that I’m finding a lot of satisfaction these days in noticing how my consciousness is expanding through living my everyday life and coming up against different challenges that teach me with greater clarity what I want and what I don’t want. This is very much a new and different approach for me than the old attitude of defeat when things get bumpy.

Speaking of bumps, I just came back from a gig at the local community college. I didn’t know what to expect but I had a feeling it would be much different than the regular set up and, let me tell you…. Lets just say that the situation required a lot of flexibility on my end. The scene: a sizable number of young people who could not be more different than I, age-wise, culture-wise and every other-wise that you can think of, all lounging in the student center, around a big open floor and I’m supposed to be in the middle. They were all seemingly uninterested in what I had to offer. This kind of situation would have been the perfect set up for me to give myself the hardest of times in the past.

Not this time however. As I was driving to the event, I had some time to meditate on the question of what I’m here for and the answer that came was “to experience well-being and joy” That’s it. Well, actually, maybe not just to experience those things but to embody them. The way to BE joy and well-being is to think about what brings me joy and experience it as much of my waking hours as possible.

Normally if I say that my goal is to connect to joy and well-being the automatic response would be: “really? that’s it? that’s enough? You don’t have to do something that others value as important for you to consider yourself worthy? You don’t need more credentials or titles or something else to show for yourself?”

On the other hand it seems that these days the knowing of what is really important is getting more and more solid by the day and is winning the battle. I know that when I AM joy people respond to that and not necessarily to what I do. In other words, when i’m trying hard to do something it can get in the way of who I really am. When I let myself BE my joyful self others can let themselves be themselves as well and that’s a tremendous relief to everybody. Who knew that the biggest service I can give doesn’t come through effort but through sheer fun!

Back to how things unfolded in my story: in the beginning there were only a couple of students that I felt were kind of made to participate by the organizers and everyone else was sitting around and doing their own thing. I was so solid in my intension that i didn’t care. I just did my own thing too. The crowd started to grow, some standing, some sitting but still not directly engaged with me. Soon enough people were tapping their feet or moving in their seats. I picked up on those movements. More connection with the audience. Somebody joined and another and another. Now there were requests to put on specific music and at that point I knew that I got what I came for.

So what comes up for you when you contemplate the idea that the whole point for being on this planet is for pleasure and joy? If you disagree i won’t argue with you but I would encourage you to look at the messages that you’ve been getting since you got here. If you do agree I would encourage you to become more acutely aware of what brings you joy and be more intentional about creating opportunities for yourself to experience that in your life. I know that what brings me joy is being in my body and moving to great music, Chances are that if you’re reading this you might like that too 🙂

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