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Can’t Stay

Class is staring in 20 minutes. Everything is ready but I feel like there’s no oxygen in my lungs. There’s no way that I can teach. There’s nothing for me to give. I make myself sit down on a chair. I guide myself to feel the ground under my feet and connect to my breath.…

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Dare to Care

I sometimes feel like I don’t care. I feel awful about it and it’s in total contrast to the way I’d like to perceive myself. I’d like to think I’m a caring person. Part of me knows that it can’t be true that I don’t care. This is where what I believe doesn’t always match…

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Open The Lid!

At the end of a recent class a student came to me and said she often feels like she wants to cry in class. I told her that what she’s saying makes perfect sense and that she is not alone there. How does that sit with one of the big advertising points of Shake Your…

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